Photo Upload

Rules on Photo Collection

  • All photos for submission should be the original work of the photographer, and should be taken in Country Parks.
  • Contents that involve disturbance to wildlife or plants will not be accepted.
  • The submitted photos will be uploaded to this website within 7 working days.
  • AFCD has the full rights to determine whether the submitted photo is qualified for submission.
  • All submitted photos should be in digital JPEG format. Files in raw or tiff format will not be accepted.
  • Participants shall understand and agree that AFCD will not be responsible for any damage or loss of data during the transferal process of photo(s).
  • Participants shall understand and authorise AFCD the right to reproduce, use, modify, broadcast, exhibit, publish, distribute the photograph, for the promotion of nature conservation and non-profit making purposes, without payment, royalties or any other condition.
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Photo Location
Photo Date
(Photo file must be in JPEG format, and not larger than 1MB.)

The personal information is provided by you voluntarily for relevant activities organised by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. The information will be provided to relevant staff/ staff of the appointed contractor from the Government for application processing, contact and other relevant purposes. Provided that there are no specific administrative reasons, only the name of the organisations/schools and the participants will be kept for record purpose. Except with the consent of participants, all the personal information collected will be destroyed within 6 months after the activities. For enquiries or amendment to the information provided, please send us a written request (Please quote the activity name or the reference number in the request).
Photo Upload is Ended.